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National Players League (NPL)



The NPL is a US Club national league managed by regionalized leagues. It's a team-based league with regional competition to eliminate excessive travel with a national championship pathway for teams and referees. The Soccer Alliance of Arizona strives for three divisions of NPL(U13-U19), 3 divisions of Pre-NPL (U11-U12), and one division of U10 Pre-NPL (9v9). All NPL games are played at SAAZ hosted venues and fields to ensure quality of the field of play - games are not played at club home and away fields.




Teams apply to participate in the NPL annually (June/July) through the SAAZ league application using the GotSport software. Applications are reviewed by the NPL Selection Committee with guidance from the Technical Committee and the league office. Teams are accepted or denied based on set criteria developed by the SAAZ Technical Committee. 


NPL Divisions:

NPL Champions - The highest level of play in SAAZ. Champions of the U13-U18/19 boys and girls divisions will qualify for US Club Soccer's NPL Finals.

NPL 1 - The second highest level of play in the SAAZ NPL. 

NPL 2 - The third level of play in the SAAZ NPL.